What is Authic and what are we doing in this michelin-star restaurant?

Between 23 and 30 June during the internationally most respected art fair TEFAF, restaurant Beluga will house an NFT gallery. The gallery is open to the public for free and not only NFT’s will be shown, visitors can also get acquainted with the phenomenon. That is where Authic, the first curated NFT marketplace based in the Netherlands, takes on the tasks to discuss and teach visitors about the digitization art world and the integration with NFT’s.

Buy or admire different special NFT artworks during the TEFAF at Beluga restaurant hosted by Authic!

Available At TEFAF 2022: Speak Up – Trevor Jones

With technology infiltrating so much of our lives ‘Speak Up’ aims to hijack technology itself in an attempt to counteract its influence and incite independent thinking. AI innovation was used to help compose a portrait painting of Ice Cube as a wall of cabinet speakers, instantly identifiable symbols of powerful music and thunderous beats. The painting was then digitally transformed into an animation with pixels that appear over the mouth in an attempt to silence Cube’s voice while amplifying social media influences that have become seemingly indispensable to modern society. With each beat the portrait of speakers vibrate forward, one by one, falling out of the painting to finally reveal an animated Ice Cube onstage who’s metamorphosed entirely into woofers, tweeters and drivers. With defiance in his voice AI Cube raps ‘Speak Up’ adding to the complex layers and deeper themes that underpin the artwork. Ice Cube seeks to be heard over the blanket-bombing of digital opinion, censorship, cancel culture and the overwhelming deluge of information that often distracts and divides rather than bridges and unites. His words aim not to control, instead they seek to defy the gatekeepers, to question authority and institutions and to challenge those who would abuse technology and social media to manipulate and influence the people. Together, the painting, the music and the animation creatively and emphatically commandeer technological innovation to present a message of resistance and to empower the individual.

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