Wallet safety and scam prevention

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Wallets can be a bit confusing so we're here to help! It's important to know exactly how you can keep your crypto and NFTs safe from hacks or potential scammers. During the creation of your wallet, you get a seed phrase or a mnemonic phrase. We recommend you do NOT save this phrase anywhere digitally accessible. Write it down with pen and paper and save it with other important documents or the perfect hiding spot only you know about.

Your seed phrase is completely unique and gives you sole access to your wallet. It's almost obvious but we like to point it out nonetheless: Please never share your seed phrase with anyone. If you're connecting your wallet to a website and it asks for your seed phrase, you can immediately assume something is not right, do not fill in your seed phrase.

We recommend everyone double-checks the link they followed and make absolutely sure you're not on a phishing website (an exact copy). Connecting your wallet to a fake website can also result in you getting hacked or scammed, so tread carefully.

For the minting of NFTs on public platforms, it's not a bad idea to create a burner wallet. You only have to send enough currency to the wallet for the mint and fees. Once you've minted, you can safely send the NFT to your main wallet.

As an artist, you won't be creating a burner wallet, seeing as your listings need to stay linked to your wallet! This means we put extra focus on the safety of your property when connecting to the Authic Platform. Do you notice something is off or did you stumble upon a fake copy of our platform? Contact us immediately.

We can't stress enough that it is extremely important to pay attention to the safety of your assets. Scammers are absolutely everywhere in the crypto space.

Double-check your links

Don't answer suspicious dm's out of the blue

Keep your private information private