My wallet got hacked or I got scammed in some other way, what do I do?

2 min read

You almost can't believe it, but it really happened, someone fooled you to the point that you got hacked! Or a platform that your wallet was connected to has gotten hacked, or you filled in your information on a phishing website. The solution to a scam or hack differs greatly from how the scam or hack occurred, so we've lined up several possibilities and our solutions for you.

A platform my wallet was connected to got hacked:

First things first, contact support at the platform that got hacked. Often there is a help section on the website and otherwise in the platform's discord. It's possible your crypto and NFTs are really gone, but there is a chance the platform can help you out, so don't give up hope yet! For Authic we have set up a contact form, but you can always contact a team member in our discord. Use our create-a-ticket channel so your privacy stays protected.

I've filled in my seed phrase on a phishing website or gave someone my seed phrase:

Contact the support section of the official website you tried to connect to. Do you think there is a phishing website of the Authic platform live? Contact us as fast as possible so we can warn our community and help each other stay safe.

If you've given your seed phrase to someone the best course of action is to start a new wallet as soon as possible. Your old wallet is not safe anymore. We highly recommend checking which assets are still available in your old wallet and moving them as soon as possible to your new wallet. Keep your new wallet seed phrase absolutely secure and don't share the phrase in the future.

We recommend all Authic Artists contact us immediately if you think your wallet got hacked. Make sure you have read all our information on staying safe in the NFT space, but sometimes things happen outside of our control, and when that's the case, rest assured that we are here to help you!