How do I keep my Discord organised?

2 min read

Discord is really the most personal kind of Social Media and it can be a bit complicated to get started so we're here to help you out! There are servers for a lot of different kinds of things, and keeping them organised can be a lot.

As soon as you have created your account you can choose a username. A lot of people choose an anonymous name. Once you've finished signing up you can click on server invites to enter a server. Once you've entered a server you will have to follow the steps that the server has set, often this consists of verification, agreeing to the server rules and sometimes a second verification in the form of Captcha. Once you have full access to the server, rules accepted and all, you will see different categories with channels. Every channel will have a clear explanation of what it is for.

Servers often have several admins and moderators. These are people that help keep the server in good shape and ensure the safety of the community. These are often the same people you would speak to if you need any kind of support.

A little list with terms relevant to Discord:

Servers: This is the space for communities to come together.

Channel: A channel is a specified space for a certain topic.

Admins: Administrators of a server help keep everything safe and sound.

Moderators: These usually have fewer permissions in the server than admins, but are able to moderate the community, ensuring everyone adheres to the rules.

Perms: This is an abbreviation for permissions. Every channel has a set of permissions, ensuring only the correct roles have access to a channel.

If you get lost with any other terms in the NFT space, feel free to contact us. We're always happy to help!