Discord Safety

1 min read

The crypto space has become increasingly popular and it attracts a lot of new people and new money every day. Unfortunately, this means that there is also a high amount of scammers out there. First things first, when entering a new server we highly recommend you turn off your DM's. Once in the server, you go to privacy settings and switch off the option for fellow server members to DM you. This is a good first layer of protection and ensures nobody can contact you out of the blue. Friend requests however are still possible.

And that brings us to, who do you accept as a friend on Discord? Since so many people are anonymous it is highly recommended you don't just accept anyone as your friend. When you do accept someone as your friend and you have started a DM conversation, make sure to double-check any and all links before clicking it.

Some things to always keep in mind are:

Always double-check the links you click.

Our admins and moderators in Discord will never DM you without cause.

Never give your private information or seed phrase to anyone.

When something seems too good to be true, often it is!