What is copyright?

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Copyright is the law for art. As the most important marketplace for digital art in the Benelux in the blockchain ecosystem, the Authic community profits from protecting the juridical interests of all artists. This means that we want to ensure that the artists understand that only authorized and original art and photography can be listed on Authic's marketplace. Authic's artists will add to the trust and good faith in the market by respecting all the copyrights that come with digital art and photography. These copyright guidelines offer a summary of acceptable behaviour when it comes to minting, an introduction to certain aspects of copyright and several unique copyright-related questions that are common topics when it comes to NFTs and blockchain technology.

We want to ensure you understand that none of these guidelines and policy statements are juridical advice and are not to be seen as such. There is no guarantee that the statements being made here are entirely correct. If you have any juridical questions about your rights as an artist or collector, especially when it comes to your rights to make art or an infringed copyright claim, we recommend you seek out a lawyer specialized in copyright law and don't ask anyone of the Authic team. For more information about copyright in the Netherlands, you can head here.

Obtaining copyright

Copyright is the lawful right that authors and artists get for their "original works of copyright". Generally, copyrights can be given to many different creations like paintings, drawings, sculptures, poems, texts, music compositions, music recordings, audiovisual works and you've guessed it - digital art and so too, NFTs. Copyrights enable artists to bring their creations onto the market, sell them and protect them. A copyright holder has the right stop any to unsanctioned reproductions, displays and distribution of original pieces. Only the owner of the copyright can authorize any sort of usage for the copyrighted property.

Copyright registration is not a necessity when copyrighting your digital work. Copyright originates on its own, there are no formalities necessary to get your copyright. This means you don't need to register or request copyright for your work. When someone is creating their own NFT on their computer at home, they automatically get copyright over the work that was produced. Also when work is not entirely completed, the copyright exists on the incompleted work, as long as it is original. The only necessary step to take is to ensure your work is fixed onto a tangible medium, that secures the copyrights' protection. When making an original piece of art, you will have copyright on that work the moment you start creating it, as long as it is saved in the correct format. You have the right to stop any unauthorized usage of your creation once the work is complete. Copyright registration is possible in other countries but has no standing by law in The Netherlands. This means there is no registry for copyrighted works. Copyright is created when your original work is created. If so desired, you can add the author's name, the year of production and other important information you may want to add when you're adding your NFT to the blockchain.

Copyright ownership

The copyright on a work primarily belongs to the author or authors of the work. In the absence of an obligation to assign, transfer or assign the copyright to someone else, the artist(s) enjoy the exclusive copyright for original digital creations. Buying an NFT on the Authic platform does not automatically give you the right to reproduce, resell or use the work for commercial purposes. It will be clearly stated in the offer of an NFT on the Authic platform whether the creator of the NFT gives up one or more of these rights.