If anyone can download the image, why would I buy an NFT?

1 min read

A question we hear often, especially from people that are new to the NFT-space: Why would I buy a piece of digital art on the Authic platform if I can download the file for free somewhere else?

Everyone can look at images or collages of images for free online. So why would you spend millions on something that you could easily screenshot or download?

Because digital art is entirely online, it's almost impossible to stop people from screenshotting an art piece or downloading it somewhere for free. This ensures that your art can be seen and enjoyed around the world!

The key here is ownership. As an artist or collector, of course, it is amazing you can see so many different pieces online, from over the whole world. The more your art is seen around the world, the more value it generates. That's where the NFT comes in. An NFT guarantees the authenticity of ownership. With an NFT you can prove that a certain piece is part of your collection or made by you.

Royalties also play a big part for the creators. For far too long artists have not been able to monetize their creations, at least not properly. Due to the nature of the blockchain and the set-up we have created at Authic, the artist can decide their own royalty percentage. That percentage is set in perpetuity. This means that also on the secondary market, the artists receive a percentage of the sale. So when you buy an NFT as a collector, you are directly supporting the artist (providing they didn't set their royalty percentage to 0%).

So yes, at first glance you may ask yourself, why would I buy an NFT if I can just download the same image? But when you take a closer look, it makes more and more sense. You can prove ownership, you support the creator directly and as a bonus, trading the art is extremely easy.