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With your own customized marketplace for digital collectibles you can provide new ways to monetize your brand and engage with consumers, by creating and selling unique, one-of-a-kind experiences and assets.

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Digital collectibles can be used as part of a loyalty program that represent exclusive rewards or experiences

Exclusive experiences

Fashion companies could create a digital collectible that represents access to a VIP event, such as a fashion show or private sale. Customers who earn a certain number of loyalty points could redeem them for this digital collectible, giving them access to the exclusive event.


A fashion company could create a digital collectible that represents access to a virtual styling session with a celebrity stylist or the opportunity to work with a designer to create a custom piece. These digital collecitbles could be offered as rewards to loyal customers.


Digital collectibles can be a useful tool for fashion companies to engage with loyal customers and reward them for their support. By offering unique and exclusive experiences fashion companies can create a deeper connection with their customers and encourage them to continue supporting the brand.

Top three benefits that consumers value in a loyalty program




free products or services


Personalized offers

Retain customers and encourage repeat purchases.

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