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Having your own marketplace allows you to have more control over the distribution and sale, build a stronger connection with your attendees and earn a higher percentage of the ticket sale price.

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Having your own marketplace for digital collectibles allows you to create unique experiences for your attendees


Digital collectibles can be used to represent unique experiences or access to exclusive areas at an event. For example, a digital collectible could be used to represent VIP access to a private lounge or meet-and-greet with a performer.


Digital collectibles can be used to represent unique, limited edition merchandise related to the event. This could include things like T-shirts, posters, or other collectibles.


NFTs can be used as digital tickets for events. This can help to reduce fraud and counterfeiting, as each NFT ise unique and could be easily verified.


Digital collectibles can be used to create collectible items related to the event. These could include things like virtual backstage passes, autographed items, or other rare or exclusive items.

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