Why Authic Will Take Your Customer Loyalty Program to the Next Level

Is your company struggling with customer retention or would you simply like to take your current customer loyalty program to the next level? Then Authic Labs has got your back! We are happy to announce that we launched the Authic Dashboard yesterday, on the 23rd of April 2023. With Authic, you can create new ways to reach to your customer’s loyalty without technical knowledge, and this blog will walk you through this journey.
What is Authic?
Authic is your right hand in launching an innovative customer loyalty program. It functions closely with the technology of non-tangible tokens (NFTs) – which refer to the method to verify ownership of any digital asset. With this, Authic enables you to create your unique NFT marketplace with your digital assets that can be used in so many ways to retain your customer.
While many companies already have some sort of customer loyalty program, industry leaders are successfully taking them to the next level using the latest technological developments. Take for example Starbucks (read more here) and its recent launch – Starbucks Odyssey. To be exact, Starbucks now offers tasks and challenges to its customers and NFTs as a reward upon their completion. These NFTs unlock access to a number of benefits including trips, unique merchandise, and exclusive events.
Features of the Authic Dashboard
Here are 5 features of the Authic Dashboard that will help you to get started with no technical knowledge and assist in taking your customer loyalty program to the next level.
  1. Customization. Think about colors, card appearance, logos, and fonts – Authic lets you customize your marketplace to your liking.
  1. NFT bulk upload. When uploading digital assets to your own marketplace, Authic enables bulk upload, meaning that you can upload multiple assets in one go and save yourself some time and energy!
  1. Variety of payment methods. Authic strives to be accessible to everyone, and that includes being accessible to people who never owned crypto or NFTs before. That is, Authic’s technology allows several non-crypto payment methods, including Visa, Apple Pay, and Master Card. At the same time, you can also use a crypto chain like Ethereum or Polygon if you wish.
  1. Analytics. “What is my most popular NFT? How many sales did I make this week? What is my average revenue?” Authic Analytics answers all these questions (and beyond) based on your unique marketplace!
  1. Extensive assistance and knowledge base. Having trouble launching your marketplace? Unsure of what certain functions do, or terms mean? Authic is equipped with many ways to help you throughout your journey: interactive walkthrough, FAQ, integrated assistant, glossary, and more.
Stop missing out and try it out yourself
Explore the features of Authic today and take the first step toward your new customer loyalty program. Not sure where to start? Read this blog or schedule a free demo with our skilled team, and receive strategic advice on how to get started.