5 Ways to Use Web3 for Next Level Customer Loyalty Program

Having Web3 technology behind your customer loyalty program can be very engaging. While all of them lead to a similar outcome – rewarding your members based on what or how many digital collectibles they own, companies have different strategies for awarding their customers with Web3-powered digital collectibles.
Starbucks is famously known for its coffee and leading customer loyalty program. However, ever since September 2022, the company took a step further and implemented non-tangible tokens (NFTs) in its loyalty program. Powered by the emerging Web3 technology, Starbucks Odyssey unlocks access to new experiences and benefits for coffee lovers all around the world.
That is, Starbucks customers will be offered various tasks and, upon completion, awarded digital "journey stamps" (NFTs) that hold different rarity levels. These stamps can also be purchased from Starbucks and traded with other people. With a higher points value, more unique experiences are available to customers.
As Starbucks describes, "These experiences could range from a virtual espresso martini-making class, to access to unique merchandise and artist collaborations, to invitations to exclusive events at Starbucks Reserve Roasteries or even trips to Starbucks Hacienda Alsacia coffee farm in Costa Rica."
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NFT TOA is the world’s first crowd-funded festival that evolved into a community of over 20,000 like-minded tech enthusiasts gathering in Berlin each summer. The organization’s loyalty program allows you to get digital collectibles for every event you attend (even as a volunteer or participant, etc.). These NFTs later on allow you to skip the line for the next TOA events; access reserved seats and exclusive events;  access to exclusive product deals, prize raffles, and airdrops from partners; access to “everything TOA has to offer”; keep receiving stars on your NFT for attending more TOA festivals.
Air Baltic
10,000 unique Planies, each possessing unique traits (mouth, eyes, nose, wings, etc.). These planes bring their holders unlimited benefits. For example, each day the holder of the NFT earns 20 points (without having to do anything) and for 6000 points the holder can already fly for free to a certain destination (the number of points depends on the destination too). As well as that, the owners of Planies will get a free business class upgrade on every 10th flight with Air Baltic.
Hyper-personalized NFT loyalty program that is themed around a motel with 8 different rooms – traits, which correspond to 8 different fields Adidas functions in (basketball, soccer, fashion, games, etc.). Customers purchase an ALT (virtual avatar) and have the option of purchasing a “key” with it. This key enables NFT holders to choose which “room” to check in to. There is a timeline for when customers have to take certain actions. Eventually, based on which trait the customers got and what they choose to do next, their ALT is developing and getting more personalized. The holders of ALT also enjoy a number of utilities:
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NXT Museum
NXT Museum invites its customers to enter the world of Web3 with zero technical background. Just by attentively walking around the exhibition, the visitors can find hidden QR codes that allow them to mint a POAP (proof-of-attendance protocol badge). The NFTs do not exactly possess any utilities but do encourage customers to dive deeper into the exhibition and interact with the museum on a new level. Therefore, it still encourages customers to come back for future exhibitions to collect new NFTs.
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