3 virtual galleries that prove the metaverse is transforming companies' sales

The Beauty of the Metaverse

When Google first launched its Virtual Street view, everyone was mesmerized. However, with the exponential growth of technologies, virtual reality becomes more and more advanced each day. Metaverse, for example, is one of those virtual realities that is built on the decentralized technology of Web3. If you are unsure about what metaverse entails, we got your back! Metaverse can be simply defined as a digital realm where players can wander around and, very often, interact with each other.
Although we often associate the metaverse with gaming, a number of industries have started adopting this technology. Fashion, sports, and digital art are only some of them! The latter has not just revolutionized the way typical museums work but also introduced new kinds of galleries. Let's look at three of them:
  1. VR ALL ART, for instance, gives you free access to over a dozen of virtual exhibitions by various artists. Not only that, you have the ability to “walk around" and choose where to go!
  1. Minecraft is another instance of using metaverse for art display. CODAME has developed a server with artwork in Minecraft and it is accessible to every Minecraft player!
  1. Authic loves Web3 technology so much that it has built its own virtual NFT gallery, where you can pick an avatar, walk around in any direction and directly purchase an NFT you liked.

From Web2 to Web3: Stop missing out and begin your decentralized journey today

It does not matter whether you are a company representative or an individual creator or an athlete. You can also take a step toward your own metaverse items and significantly modernize your brand. Let's break this process down in 4 steps:
  1. Start selling your own digital collectibles and unlock the power of Web3. Remember that digital collectibles (more about them here) are virtual items that are based on NFT technology. In Web2 that would imply a presence of a third party that controls the marketplace of your digital collectibles and the customers’ transactions. However, in Web3, as there is no one centralized body, you would be the one to have authority over your digital collectibles and marketplace.
  1. Launch your own marketplace with Authic’s no-code white-label solution that will enable you to fully customize your NFT marketplace according to your needs and enhance your brand experience to your fans and customers.
  1. Immortalize your unique brand items. With the decentralized NFT marketplace technology, you can now leave your brand’s mark in the metaverse permanently - your digital collectibles will be stored and collected by other users in the virtual space.
  1. Improve customer loyalty with your own digital collectibles. There are many uses of digital collectibles when it comes to customer loyalty. For example, you can establish a reward program for regular customers and gift them digital collectibles for, let’s say, each €100 spent. These digital collectibles, then, could even give your customers access to limited edition releases and other perks.
You have successfully learned about the metaverse and the difference between Web2 and Web3. Now it's time for you to emerge as an early adopter by becoming part of the metaverse today. Take the first step in enhancing your brand and start selling your own digital collectibles in your own customized marketplace with Authic.