New Partnership: Authic x Avata

Avata and Authic Labs are joining forces to bring Authic Labs’ customers peace-of-mind that the value of their NFTs is covered against loss.

Bringing Security and Trust

Avata, the leading ancillary InsurTech service provider and expert in digital asset insurance solutions is proud that Authic Labs will be the first white-label marketplace for digital assets on Avata’s platform. Avata provides customised insurance and warranty solutions to digital asset owners, and thanks to this partnership, sellers on Authic Labs’ will be able to offer customized warranties for the NFTs they are selling on the marketplace.
The fast-evolving needs of digital assets owners for insurance products are not yet being addressed by the traditional insurance industry. This is why Avata’s solution sets out to connect insurance providers withthe world of Web3, and with the digital citizens of today, to co-create the new insurance ecosystem of tomorrow.
Wouter Kloosterman, the CEO of Authic Labs, said: “Many of the companies we’ve spoken with are hesitant to get started in Web3 due to the complexity of some of the risks surrounding theft and technical failure. Therefore, we are thrilled to partner up with Avata, who is able to offer bespoke risk solutions for the NFTs that are sold by our clients. By offering solutions such as Avata, Authic Labs can address those concerns and pursue our mission of making Web3 accessible to anyone.”
Together, Authic Labs and Avata are offering digital citizens reassurance that the value of their digital assets, such as NFTs, are protected – in particular, bringing security and trust to Authic Labs’ customers.
“Joining forces with Authic, Avata is bringing the power of Web3 and NFTs to the insurance industry,enabling a new era of secure and transparent transactions for both creators and insurers.” - JoachimRittfeldt Hofvenschiöld, Co-Founder of Avata.

About Avata

Avata is an ancillary service provider, bringing customized insurance solutions to digital asset owners in a fast, secure, and cost-effective way. Avata fills a critical gap in the InsurTech value chain by connecting trusted insurance carriers to digital citizens and vice versa via its platform. The company offers a global plug-and-play solution that’s designed to enable risk coverage for digital assets like NFTs and gaming-specific digital assets, such as skins, etc.

About Authic

Authic Labs is a software company that provides a simple and accessible platform for Web2 companies that want to enter the Web3 space to sell and manage digital assets. Authic’s unique platform offers a fully customizable and user-friendly interface, integrates with many payment methods, and has built-in KYC/AML tools for secure and compliant transactions.
The focus on simplicity and accessibility sets Authic apart from other NFT marketplace solutions and its easy to integrate white-label nature allows companies to create a unique customer experience that reflects their brand. Authic has the potential to revolutionize the NFT market and provide companies with a powerful tool to connect with customers and build lasting relationships.

The fruits of the partnership

From now on, Authic's customers who use our white-label solution are able to attach a customized insurance solution to the NFTs they are selling. This new partnership is bringing security and trust to Authic customers!