How a Famous Italian Fashion Brand Integrated NFTs for Customer Loyalty

Why should brands use Web3-powered customer loyalty programs?
In the era of digital advances, companies gain access to a larger number of revenue models. One of them is next-level customer loyalty programs that are created with the help of NFT technology. It is estimated that 84% of customers are more likely to stick with a brand that offers customer loyalty programs. With newer generations being more accustomed to tech, it is strategically important to use modern mediums to reach those audiences online. Therefore, Web3-powered customer loyalty programs hit two birds with a stone!
Italian fashion in Web3
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Guiliano Calza Design Studio (GCDS) is a luxury Italian fashion brand that aims to speak to younger generations and interpret social changes through free, ironic, and unconventional language. With clients like Beyonce, Kylie Jenner, Sophia Loren, and Kim Kardashian, the brand continues to export Italian fashion all around the world.
Since 2022, GCDS has launched a line of digital collectibles called “Baby Wirdo”. These collectibles not only bring the brand’s fans closer to GCDS but also provide a great base for customer loyalty programs with their utilities.
There are a number of benefits GCDS customers receive upon purchasing a Baby Wirdo. These include access to exclusive sections of the website for discounts and limited edition items; custom goodie bags with Wirdo merchandise; unique pieces from runway shows and even a chance to join the next GCDS fashion show.
How exactly do you get a Baby Wirdo?
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There are 4888 unique baby Wirdos available. However, you cannot simply choose the one you like the most. The exciting idea behind this collection is that you receive a random Baby Wirdo upon purchase. Think of a Kinder Surprise – you do not know what exactly you will get. Once you have claimed your Baby Wirdo, it will become unavailable to other people, meaning that the collectible is uniquely yours!
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