The Musketeers of Authic Labs

It was early 2021 when Wouter attended a party to celebrate his friend’s birthday. Among dozens of new acquaintances, the conversation with a friend of the birthday boy appeared to be exceptionally fruitful. The two found themselves immersed in a deep conversation about Web3, blockchain, and digital art.

COVID hobby: A look in the past

Wouter Kloosterman, a data scientist with a background in marketing and painting, had first encountered the NFT technology in 2020. He was fascinated by the fact that for the first time in history, individuals could verify ownership of a digital asset. Wouter began implementing the technology in his own digital art. However, once he experimented with buying and selling NFTs he faced a major challenge: NFT marketplaces were highly inaccessible because they only supported cryptocurrencies for purchases of digital art. This meant that people without technical backgrounds could not easily purchase the art they wanted. And Wouter wanted to solve this problem, so he started looking for someone with extensive experience in legal and financial matters, as well as someone capable of constructing a decentralized marketplace.

The Perfect Match

Upon an incredible coincidence, that friend from a party was Lemar Bachtiar - Web3-savvy economics and law graduate. Lemar and Wouter immediately connected. A few days later, they onboarded Tat Nguyen - Lemar’s high school friend and a skillful computer scientist. They turned out to be a perfect match, so the team was formed.
Together, they founded Authic Labs and developed Authic - a fully customizable white-label NFT marketplace solution. Think of it as Shopify for Web3: companies can sell their digital assets on their own marketplace to create unique marketing experiences for customers and fans.

Why Authic?

Today, the Authic team has expanded to a team of 16 Web3 lovers. With our ever-expanding customer base, we improve on every step of the way. Authic is proud to have features that no other company provides. These include:
  • Customization - play around with colors, fonts, logos, and many more!
  • Focus on the transition from Web2 to Web3 - we provide technical support and strategic advice to anyone who is not sure how to start.
  • Design support - with Authic’s background in digital art and design, we are happy to help you with similar matters!
  • FIAT payment options (Creditcard, ApplePay, iDEAL) - we support a non-crypto marketplace, so anyone can purchase digital assets.
  • Easy wallet set-up through a link in your email.
  • KYC/AML tools - these will ensure that the people you are working with are verified as being trustworthy. We got your back!
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