Authic Labs raises seed round to disrupt customer loyalty programs with the power of Web3

Authic Labs is happy to welcome among others Angelwise, Rockstart, Graduate Entrepreneur and SeedBlink as its seed-round investors. The Amsterdam based SaaS start-up is known for their easy-to-use marketplace solutions for companies and brands from various industries that wish to enter the Web3 space.
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Authic has developed a no-code platform that can be tailored to the specific needs of their clients, enabling them to design their own marketplaces and create unique customer experiences with the help of digital collectibles. Through their B2B SaaS offering, Authic has become a leader in the growing field of Web3 solutions for consumer engagement and customer loyalty. They have helped their clients to create new revenue streams, build immersive loyalty programs and attract younger audiences with the help of blockchain technology.
Authic is excited to continue exploring the potential of NFTs and other Web3 technologies to revolutionize the way that businesses engage with their customers and fans. The integration of NFTs into mainstream business models represents an ongoing trend in the digital landscape. With their unique properties, NFTs have the potential to revolutionize various sectors, including art, collectibles, fashion and real estate.
“It is great to see Angelwise, Graduate and Rockstart and Seedblink supporting us on our mission to make NFTs more accessible and practical for businesses and consumers, ultimately leading to a more interconnected and digitally integrated economy” say Wouter Kloosterman and Lemar Bachtiar, Co-Founders at Authic Labs.
“Through this investment, Angelwise aims to accelerate Authic Labs' growth, expand its market reach, and support the development of new products and services that enable Authic to keep up with the rapid pace of innovations in the Web3 Space.”, according to Jan Vorstermans, Managing Partner at Angelwise
“The digital landscape is ever-changing, and those who aren’t able to adapt, risk getting left behind. We invested in Authic because they have a talent for looking ahead, exploring Web3 and NFTs while making room for the next generation of users. Their dedication to building unique and innovative experiences for their customers coupled with a commitment to transparency at every step of the supply chain means a digital marketplace that is accessible for all.” commented Michael Bjørnlund, Managing Partner Emerging Tech, Rockstart.
“We are excited to join Authic on their journey to exploring the potential of NFTs and other Web3 technologies. They have all it takes to become the leading white-label NFT platform” according to Auke, Partner Graduate Entrepreneur Fund.
“We were enthusiastic to assist Authic Labs in their raise alongside existing VC's in the upcoming Web3 world. This was our first experience with Web3 and it really surprised us how the team has been able to unlock the scene and build a great solution around NFT's. We look forward to their growth, following them and assist where we can.” According to Robbin Hoogstraten, Regional Manager Benelux at SeedBlink.
“Authic’s innovative approach that allows companies to create flexible, secure and scalable loyalty programs with Web3 technology makes them poised to disrupt traditional loyalty programs and meet the evolving demands of a younger generation. I would not be surprised if the technology developed by Authic finds additional use in fragmented ownership programs.” states Authic angel investor Jean-Pascal Duvieusart, former Senior Partner at McKinsey.
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