Language of the Soul: Rafael Noah to launch Phygital Art Collection

On March 24th at 12:00 Central European Time, Rafael Noah is launching his own marketplace where his digital artwork collection will be available for purchase. The lucky owners of the art pieces will not only receive the digital artworks but also their physical originals signed, framed and accompanied by official certificates. Alongside this, they will become members of an exclusive club with many benefits for its community.
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First glance at Rafael's marketplace

Who is Rafael?

Rafael Noah is an Amsterdam-based artist who creates phygital artwork pieces - meaning they are both physical and digital. The artist grabs inspiration directly from his soul, which is beautifully presented in his authentic artwork.
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Rafael currently curates a private showroom in Amsterdam, where his art is elegantly displayed and he takes the time to walk his collectors through his works and reveal their hidden meanings to his visitors. He recently curated a solo show in Amsterdam on the 3rd of March that had over 500 visitors over the length of the evening. He has done many shows and lots of work in the physical art space spanning over the last decade — most in Amsterdam and New York.
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Rafael's private showroom
“A spirit whispered in my ear
It asked me to listen
And crate without fear
However fear sneered
So we began our dance”
  • Rafael Noah

See for yourself

Learn more about Rafael via his website and Instagram page. Have a look at his phygital collection yourself, using this link!