Sold out in 77 seconds: A phenomenal example of digital collectibles’ application

Virtual Shoes and Phenomenal Sales

The hotcakes of 2023: Orange Comet’s virtual sneakers were sold out in 77 seconds from the moment the sales were opened. It is a phenomenal example of digital collectibles' application. If you are not entirely sure what this is all about, let us break it down for you.
Orange Comet is a digital entertainment and technology company that develops virtual environments and items in the Web3 space. More specifically, the company creates various NFTs in collaboration with video games, athletes, and celebrities. Those NFTs vary from ecosystems to vehicles and wearable items in the Web3 space. However, in this article, we would like to focus on a specific collection with Scottie Pippen.
Who is Scottie Pippen? Well, this over-2-meter-tall legend is a professional NBA player under number 33. Scottie played 17 seasons and brought 6 championships for Chicago Bulls in the late 90s. Named one of the greatest basketball players of all time, he was commemorated in the Basketball Hall of Fame. Orange Comet has launched a digital collection of wearable sneakers to “celebrate Scottie’s career achievements with a collection that showcases his love for sneakers”. To be exact, 1000 pairs of virtual sneakers were developed together with the superstar. As a result, the entire collection was sold out in less than 77 seconds.

More than just NFTs

But what exactly made this NFT collection such a stunning success? Not only were the loyal fans able to purchase Scottie’s “merch” digitally and feel closer to him, but also win plenty of prizes and benefits as a result of the purchase. That is, Orange Comet was extremely creative and innovative in offering Scottie’s fans various goodies that came with the virtual shoes:
  1. 33 buyers would receive a pair of physical sneakers
  1. 1 lucky holder would get a hometown tour + dinner with Scottie,
  1. 2 winners would have a golf outing with Scottie,
  1. 33 would get a $100 gift card for sneakers purchases,
  1. And 1000 holders would receive early access to future Orange Comet collections.

Digital collectibles in business

Truly, that is a phenomenal example of how digital collectibles can help your business. Digital collectibles, which can be described as virtual items that are built on NFT technology, have elevated Scottie’s personal brand and sky-rocketed Orange Comet’s reputation as an innovative genius. There are many other advantages of using digital collectibles in a business, including attracting audiences, customer loyalty, and leaving a print in the digital space (learn more about it here).
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