Why should creators launch their own Web3-powered marketplace?

With the emergence of decentralized web technology, brands have found new ways to generate revenue and enhance their brand experience. The web3-powered marketplace serves as a strong base for customer loyalty by using digital collectibles. In this blog post, we will discover how such a marketplace can help individual creators to enhance their personal brands.

Fashion, art, and NBA - web3 is everywhere

Let’s first break down what a Web3-powered marketplace means. This refers to a decentralized digital space that enables creators or companies to directly sell their products to customers. That is, the creators or companies do not need to rely on a third party to handle their sales and can freely choose which digital products they would like to sell.
The most common kind of products that are sold on such marketplaces are digital collectibles, which are virtual items that are based on NFT technology. The examples are limitless: from digital art by WARBB. to wearable digital sneakers from NBA legend Scottie Pippen. The latter, for instance, was sold out in 77 seconds after the beginning of the sale and gave its customers the chance to win physical prizes along with the NFTs!
Labeledby is yet another company that largely benefitted from a Web3-powered marketplace. This fashion company has launched IOTAS - a “phygital” collection of both physical and digital items. This way, Labeledby is enhancing its brand experience by connecting with loyal fans on an even deeper level.

Web3 as creators’ power

Artists, influencers, or athletes - individual creators can also benefit from a Web3-powered marketplace. Here are 4 advantages of launching your own Web3-powered marketplace:
  1. Strengthen personal brand. Authic’s white-label solution enables you to fully customize your marketplace without any coding. That is, you can play around with colors, themes, logos, fonts, and many more!
  1. Control secondary sales. The decentralized marketplace lets you track keep track of the sales, even on the secondary market. This also means that you can set your own royalties on those sales.
  1. Extend the community. Just like with companies, a Web3-powered marketplace allows you to build a strong community of loyal fans. Not only that, digital collectibles can increase your reach to new customers.
  1. Immortalize your brand. With Web3 technology, your digital collectibles will be permanently stored online, which means they cannot get lost, stolen, or destroyed with time!

Start your web3 journey here

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