Snoop Dogg, Balenciaga, and Ariana Grande: This is Why Companies Should Organize Events in Metaverse

Events in the Metaverse

From fashion shows to games and classes, Metaverse is progressively integrating into many fields. We have already talked about digital art in Metaverse and how virtual galleries create new revenue for companies. Therefore, this blog is dedicated to a different field - events in Metaverse!

The big 3: most outstanding virtual events of our time

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Metaverse Fashion Week (MVFW) is the first metaverse-based fashion week in history! Throughout the week, the participants were able to enjoy pop-up shops, catwalks, and even after parties, while remaining in the comfort of their own houses! Hosted on Decentraland, which is one of the most prominent metaverse platforms, the fashion week featured brands such as Balenciaga, Tomy Hilfiger, Gucci, Hugo Boss, and many others. This means that apart from enjoying this immersive experience, participants could also purchase brands’ items, both physical and digital.
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Fortnite is a world-famous video game that has revolutionized digital concerts. The developers of the game regularly host themed events in the game. However, celebrity concerts have become a massive hit! Fortnite players have the chance to witness the concert of their favorite artist live, while also moving around the map, experimenting with angles and engaging with other players.
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Everyone loves attending events, be they parties, concerts, or fashion shows. However, events in Metaverse take these experiences to a completely different level! Here are our favorite examples of outstanding events in the Metaverse.
Snoop Dogg’s Snoopverse is a virtual realm in the game The Sandbox. The rapper offers his fans to buy a piece of land in that realm and/or obtain a unique Doggie - an individual NFT from his collection - that can be used as an avatar in Snoopverse. People loved the Snoopverse: all of the Doggies were sold out and now can only be purchased in the secondary market, and Snoop’s fan has offered $50,000 for a piece of Snoopverse’s land.

Metaverse, metaverse, and metaverse again!

Don’t get us wrong, we love in-person events. However, Authic is a huge fan of Web3, so we would like to share with you the benefits of organizing events in metaverse:
  1. Higher audience reach. Digital event means that geography is no longer a limitation - you can host people from all around the world!
  1. Full control of the organization matters. With events in Metaverse, you no longer need to worry about renting event venues, various equipment and even bringing artists’ from foreign countries. Fortnite, for instance, has already worked with Marshmello, Ariana Grande, and Travis Scott for their in-game live concerts.
  1. Fewer costs. Not only do you not need to worry about many organizational aspects, but you also save a whole bunch of money. Consider not having to pay for renting venues, hiring extra staff members, and artists’ transporting expenses.
  1. Permamentization. Metaverse events give you the ability to fully record your events (from several perspectives) and store them permanently. For example, Fortnite’s concerts are often recorded by players from hundreds of different angles.
  1. A new source of revenue. Similar to traditional merchandise, you can sell digital collectibles as exclusive additions to virtual events. Just like that, Snoop Dogg sold 10,000 unique NFTs as part of his Snoopverse launch. Take a look at the phenomenal example of Scottie Pippen’s NFT sneaker drop that was sold out in 77 seconds.

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