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Authic Labs is proud to announce our newest partnership with Avata – an expert in insurtech provider for digital assets.

Avata connects insurance providers with the world of Web3 to equip owners of digital assets with secure, customized, and cost-effective insurance plans.

Avata - the world's first NFT insurance enabler

“Everyone who owns a digital asset – where it is an account, in-game item or NFT, deserves peace of mind that they are protected against theft and technical failure. 

That’s where Avata comes in. We connect insurance providers with the world of Web3, enabling the distribution of customized insurance solutions to digital asset owners in a fast, secure, and cost-effective way. We are the world’s first and only embedded NFT insurance enabler.”

The fruits of the partnership

From now on, Authic’s customers who use our white-label solution are able to attach a customized insurance solution to the NFTs they are selling. This means that in case there is a breach in your crypto wallet, Avata will make sure that you get back your money.

Therefore, this new partnership is bringing security and insurance to Authic customers!

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