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Sell digital art on your own website

With your own customized marketplace for digital collectibles you can provide new ways to monetize your brand and engage with consumers, by creating and selling unique, one-of-a-kind experiences and assets.

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Why artists, galleries and museums want their own marketplace for digital art

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By having your own marketplace, you can have more control over the sale and distribution of your artworks. This can be especially important for artists or galleries who want to maintain control over the prices at which their digital art are sold.

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Having your own marketplace allows artists and galleries to create a unique and branded experience for your collectors. This helps to build a stronger connection with your audience and increase the value of the artworks.

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By selling digital art directly to collectors, artists and galleries can earn a higher percentage of the sale price. This can be especially beneficial for artists who may not have a large following or who may not have the resources to list their artworks on larger marketplaces.

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By creating their own marketplace, artists and galleries can build a community of collectors and fans who are interested in their work. This helps to create a sense of exclusivity and increase the value of your artworks.

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